OpenGL( Open Graphics Library) is a cross-platform and cross-language Application Programming Interface (API) for rendering the graphics in the computer system. It covers wide range of dimensions from 2D-3D.

Writing the code and being creative is one part, but it becomes so irritating and annoying when we cannot initially setup the OpenGL API in Windows OS. Linux system has simpler method for installing it with less than two lines of code or so.

In this tutorial, we will dissect the problem of setting up the OpenGL in Windows OS. …

Python is a robust and most popular programming language. In the last five years, python has grown by 19.1% share worldwide becoming the world’s most used and popular (30.8% share) programming language.

Apart from these stats, the heart of the python lies in its efficient memory management. It covers almost every application ranging from software development to Artificial Intelligence.

Recently, the python 3.9 stable version has released that has multiple new functionalities and various security updates.

In this tutorial, we will be installing the newly released Python3.9 version on our ubuntu machine. So let us get started.

Deadsnakes is the…

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about creating REST API in Django. Before going on the ground of coding, let us first learn a bit about REST API.

What actually is REST API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface which is a software intermediary that allows two software programs to connect and talk to each other.

REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. REST is simply an architectural style on how an API should behave and look. So whenever we call a REST or RESTful API, the server provides us or the client with the representation of the state of the requested resources.


Python programming language is one of the most powerful and resourceful so far. This language helps not only for developing software and web applications but also in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In fact it is not wrong to say that almost 80% of the Artificial Intelligence programs are based in Python Programming Language.

The gained popularity of this language is because of its efficient memory and time management. This is possible because of the data and the way data is organized in a program which is known as Data Structures.

What actually is Data Structure?

The specific way of organizing, managing and storing data…

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